• Two 18" spinners for easy and simple pizza maneuvering.
  • Stainless steel tools with a comfortable rubber grip.
  • Dangling loop to hang from most grill hooks.
  • Imported from USA.
Color:Pizza Spinners The Alfrescamore Pizza Spinners' length and flexibility allow you to rotate and inspect your pizza while it's still cooking. And don't forget to check the bottom of your pizza to make sure it's done from a comfortable distance with these 18" stainless steel tools. These spinners allow you complete control of your pizza while it is in the oven without feeling too much heat. Whether you want to move some toppings around, pick up some fallen toppings, or you just want to move your pizza round on the stone, the Alfrescamore Pizza Spinners are the perfect tool. Features: 13" diameter 3/4" thick stone heats evenly|Cordierite stone withstands thermal shock and heat better than ceramic|Can be used on any grill

Cuisinart CPS-022 Alfrescamore Pizza Spinners