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  • HIGH STRENGTH 2-PART THICKENED EPOXY ADHESIVE: For structural bonding, gluing, filling, and sealing projects. Cured epoxy can be drilled, sanded and painted, and is 100% waterproof.
  • NO MIXING, MESS, OR WASTE: No need to mix resin and hardener. Included mixing tips automatically ensure perfect 2:1 mix ratio every time. Convenient 185 ml cartridge fits all standard caulking guns. Each cartridge includes 2 tips.
  • THICKENED EPOXY WONT SAG: Unique viscosity is perfect for working overhead or on vertical surfaces. It stays where you apply it. However, Thixo is still thin enough to wet out fiberglass.
  • LONG WORKING TIME LETS YOU WORK AT YOUR PACE: At 77°F, Thixo gives you a generous 50 minutes of working time. The short 30-35 minute gel time means that once you apply it, it sets up fast and cures fully in 24 hours.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Use on wood, fiberglass, metals, brick, concrete, glass, slate, tile, stone and more. Thixo is used by marine trade professionals, construction industry, homeowners, and DIY makers for projects ranging from boat building & repair to furniture builds and home renovation.
  • Imported from USA.
TotalBoat THIXO is a unique thixotropic thickened epoxy adhesive ideal for bonding, gluing, filling, and sealing a wide range of materials. Create structural bonds on wood, metal, fiberglass, brick, stone, glass, tile, concrete and more. Thixo comes in a 185 ml cartrdidge that fits all standard caulking guns. Each cartridge includes 2 special mixing tips that automatically mix resin and hardener to the precise 2:1 ratio as you dispense the epoxy. This means no mess, no hassle trying to correctly (manually) mix resin and hardener parts, and no waste.Thickened formula means its viscosity and consistency are a little bit thicker than the most liquid, runny resins. Thanks to this, Thixo won't sag or run. Apply it to overhead or vertical surfaces. It's easy to lay down a neat, consistent bead epoxy wherever you need it, including tight spaces. Thixo is still thin enough to wet out composite cloth in boat building and repair projects, too. It cures to a hard, translucent surface that may be drilled, filed, tapped, sanded and painted. Ideal application temperatures are 50 to 80 degrees F, with full cure within 24 hours.Working on a large project? Thixo has 50 minute working time at 77 F, with 35 minute gel time. This lets you work carefully and methodically, so you aren't racing against the clock. For marine applications, Thixo works great as an adhesive on bukheads, deck cleats, rub rails, gunwales, and seat bases, for stitch and glue wooden boat construction, deck and floor replacement, scarf joints and chine log joints, and fillets. Seal plumbing, tanks, and hatches. Use it to seal the end grain of various woods. Use it to fill deck holes where hardware was removed, on deck-hull seams, castings, welds, and voids. Non-marine uses include repairs to masonry, sub-floors, campers, millwork, woodwork, furniture, bonding automotive body kits, air dams, side skirts, spoilers, exterior home trim like fascia boards, shutters & more. Compare to West System Six10.

TotalBoat Thixo (185ml Cartridge) | Thickened Epoxy Adhesive | for Bonding, Gluing, Sealing and Filling | Use on Wood…