• About this item.
  • TV Jammer - Jam other TV remotes from changing the TV!.
  • Bomb a TV - Point and hide it, and watch it control the TV like a ghost!.
  • Control virtually any TV (HDTV and Standard) or Digital Camera! Long Range.
  • Fun and unique toy gift. Kids & adults love the pranking!.
  • Light, power, ch, vol, mute, keypad, enter, 3 saved TVs, last buttons..
  • Imported from USA.
Fun toy, and amazing gadget gift for the prankster in your life! The long awaited sequel to the Ninja Remote is here! Jam other remotes from changing the TV. The jammer will prevent other remotes from changing the channel, volume or any other TV feature!! Bomb a TV with random channel, volume, and power presses over time. Will inch up volume like a real human! Long range remote control control virtually all TV's and digital cameras. Plus a red light built in. 2 sided remote with side buttons. Take amazing nature and spy photography from a huge distance, with remote shutter. Supports many digital cameras. Batteries not included. Requires 3 AAA batteries.

Ninja Remote 2: Weaponized TV Jammer Prank Toy. Television Gadget Toy for Jamming TV for boys of all ages