• Imported from USA.
    This is the legendary, Authentic, American made K2 EMF Meter. A must have for paranormal research! It's most reliable and sturdy and gets astonishing results! Warning! Huaming is selling fake K2s. Be sure that your new K2 EMF meter has an EMF scale label that is identical as pictured. If not, you bought a counterfeit. Any new K2 meter purchased after 2012 with a different looking label is a counterfeit K2, which means it's an inferior low-quality knock-off and made in China, even though it says USA on it. The fake is built with inferior materials and is easily identifiably since the EMF Scale Label looks different and isn't UV reactive. The Authentic American made K2 has been seen in action on every paranormal TV show creating amazing responses from the spirit world. The K2 EMF meter is a sturdy, portable, easy to use, fast sampling Electromagnetic field meter that covers frequencies from 50-20,000 Hz at an accuracy of 5% at 50-60 Hz. The K2 meter is a top gear for ghost hunting. It can also be used for personal safety to alert of high EMF radiation. The K2 meter is known for its reliability, quality and top results in the paranormal. This makes the K2 EMF meter a top instrument for both detecting spirit activity and for finding potentially harmful high EMF levels in your home or work environment. The K2 EMF meter is pocket sized so that you can always be prepared to take a reading! It ships ready to use with a long lasting quality 9V battery. Simply click the button to turn it on and click again to turn it off. This latest design of the authentic K2 meter is made so that the on/off button does NOT need to be held down to keep it on. The UV reactive label lights up under UV lighting and is another way to know you have a real K2 and not a counterfeit. The colored led lights make readings obvious to notice in day light or dark. The K2 is easy to always bring along since it fits in your pocket or purse!

    KII EMF Meter Deluxe Black - Paranormal Research Meter